Personalized Medicine – the Genecept™ Assay

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Personalized Medicine – the Genecept™ Assay
Scientists have discovered specific genetic variations that modify the body’s response to various drugs and therapies.  By identifying these variations, clinicians can design an optimal treatment plan for you.  This new development is known as personalized medicine.  Applying this technology to mental health provides a more personalized approach to treatment.  

Genomind has created the Genecept Assay, a saliva-based genetic test that’s used to help your doctor understand how you metabolize drugs, help to avoid drug-drug interactions and avoid unwanted side-effects from psychiatric medication. The test is simple and is conducted in your doctor’s office.

We Support Patient Confidentiality
Genomind is committed to protecting your personal, private and health information.  We abide by all required HIPAA and GINA practices. GINA, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act) protects individuals against discrimination based on their genetic information in health coverage and employment.  Our lab is a CLIA-certified facility, which means it meets the federal quality guidelines for laboratory testing standards.

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