Top 5 Reasons Why Our Patients do so Well

While attending the recent International Brain Stimulation Conference in Barcelona, Spain,  Dr. Cochran was asked, "what are you doing to get your remissions rates so high?"

After a long pause, she responded, "Good clinical care."

Good clinical care seems obvious, but in reality is inefficient, less profitable, and requires a level of attention that, quite frankly, not many clinicians are willing to provide.   Good clinical care is patient driven, not business driven.

It is impossible to share every component of good clinical care in only five points, but here are some key elements that differentiate us from other offices.

1) Integrated Care
We are a full service clinic with TMS, not a "TMS only" clinic. Our patients have a thorough, integrated, and ongoing care plan that supports TMS. It is this full-service care, in addition to TMS that maximizes results. We utilize a multidisciplinary approach including a Therapist, Nurse Practitioner, our physician, and when applicable, the referring physician. Our team is passionately dedicated to getting you well using every resource we have available.

2) Practical & Current Knowledge
Advances in Neuromodulation move quickly. Dr. Cochran currently serves as Vice President of the Clinical TMS Society, and leads clinical TMS Training for physicians. As an early provider of TMS, she and our staff have helped train offices across the country how to implement TMS in a clinical practice.

3) Knowledge and Experience
You can feel comfortable trusting your care to the one of the most respected and experienced clinicians in the Southeast.  Dr. Cochran has forged close personal relationships with top TMS researchers and innovators around the globe.

4) Licensed TMS Coordinator
During your free consultation you will meet with our Licensed Therapist and TMS Coordinator. This is the actual person who leads daily TMS treatments with your physician. Unlike other offices that employ unlicensed/non-medical professionals, we employ the best!

5) Appropriate Treatment
We are doctor owned and operated. We do not have a business owner that makes the decisions.  We do not employ salespeople whose sole job is to sell TMS. In our office you will have ample time with our TMS Coordinator and Medical Director to determine if TMS is appropriate for you.  Just because your insurance covers TMS, doesn't mean it is the right treatment option - it may be, but you need to understand all options available to you, including TMS.