Barcelona Spain, Anthony Barker Receives Award/Toast - Michelle Cochran MD

Dr. Cochran traveled to Barcelona Spain last week to attend the Brain Stimulation conference. Her friend and hero (to many patients), Anthony Barker, was awarded the Inaugural International Brain Stimulation Award for his pioneering work in developing transcranial magnetic stimulation.  Dr. Mark George, Editor-in-Chief of Brain Stimulation and Co-Chair of the  2nd International Brain Stimulation Conference was quoted saying, “every now and then in science someone makes a discovery or invents a tool, or both, that launches a revolution, Dr. Tony Barker is that person in the field of non-invasive brain stimulation. He built the first TMS devices that were able to stimulate the brain in an awake adult focally and non-invasively. This discovery has rippled forward creating an entire field of researchers using TMS to understand how the brain works and to use TMS to change the brain and treat diseases like depression. There could be no better choice to receive this first most prestigious award.”

Video Link Above: Dr Michelle Cochran toasts TMS innovator Anthony Barker 

Dr. Cochran attended three days worth of scientific lectures in order to learn the newest information for her patients.  In the evenings, she was able to spend more time with her colleagues from around the world, Anthony Barker PhD (UK), Chris Baeken MD, PhD (Germany), Mohamed Abdeighani MBBCh, Msc, MRCPsych (UK), Karl Lanocha MD (CA), Todd Hutton MD (CA), Kim Cress MD (TX), Richard Pitch MD (NY), Andy Leuchter (CA), Linda Carpenter (RI), Martijn Arns (Netherlands), Harold Sackeim MD (NY) and Richard Bermudes (CA).