We now have proof why our patients do better!

We have been providing TMS treatment since 2011, and in 2013 hired the first therapist as a TMS treater/coordinator.  Lauren Valencia is a licensed clinical social worker who helps all our TMS patients get well.  Lauren and Dr. Cochran have developed a workbook to help our patients achieve wellness.  We have seen first hand that combining psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic techniques improves outcomes for patients.  Our percentages of remission and response have been higher than published studies since 2011 and we postulated that having a skilled psychotherapist was part of it.  Donse, Padberg, and others recently published a study proving that adding psychotherapy to TMS care improved outcomes from the industry data previously published.  We are thankful for the researchers who finally proved these combination treatments work better.  

At our clinics, we combine even other modalities to make sure patients get the best outcomes available.  

You are not a number to us. 
Come visit us and see the difference! 

Michelle Cochran MD