Dr Cochran Gets Her Research On!

Dedicated to her clinical work, Dr. Cochran couldn't resist the opportunity to explore her inner-research self! This poster was well received and could hopefully queue up much larger research projects that will improve the accuracy of how TMS is delivered.

It's ok if you are not into research. The point is Dr. Cochran is extremely well read on TMS, to the point where she identified a gap in the TMS research vs actual industry/clinical practice. This poster, developed by Dr. Cochran her team and some fantastic interns generated very compelling conversations with the TMS researchers.

Top: Drs Abdelghani, Cochran, and Pardell at the scientific poster presentations of the Clinical TMS Society, May 2019 Vancouver.

Middle: Poster by Dr Cochran, et al

Bottom: Dr. Cochran with leading TMS Researchers and Clinicians  Dr. Mo Abdelghani and Dr. Mark George.