Dr Cochran Lectures and Trains on TMS Internationally

Pulses, the standard training course for TMS doctors across the world, produced by the Clinical TMS Society and originally developed under Dr. Cochran's leadership, is an international TMS training event held 4 times per year in locations around the world.

The last event was in beautiful Vancouver, Britsh Columbia where both Dr. Cochran and Lauren Valencia lectured on TMS: Dr. Cochran training TMS Physicians and Lauren training TMS Coordinators.

Our office's remission and response rates to TMS are much higher than industry averages. Dr. Cochran is a worldwide leader using TMS in a clinical setting.  We use daily therapeutic regimens written by our own
 MD and LCSW that improve outcomes.  Most important, we are passionate about getting people well. If you have better options in recovery outside of TMS, Dr. Cochran will be the first to tell you.

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