TMS: We Wrote the Book On It...Literally!

Dr. Cochran is announcing the full launch of her TMS Workbook in April.

Train Your Brain
Your record of care with transcranial magnetic stimulation

Written by Dr. Cochran and her team, this workbook, now offered online as an app helps improve outcomes.  Per the website:

This program and its modules will help patients by providing:

    • a standardized, consistent program of providing and monitoring TMS therapeutic tools both daily and weekly
    • embedded standardized assessment tools for depression & anxiety which generate charts for clinician monitoring
    • behavioral activation and cognitive behavioral tasks which can augment TMS sessions

If you do not live near Middle Tennessee or already have your own trusted TMS Doctor or Psychiatrist, visit the Find a Clinician page to find a TMS Doctor that is using the TMS Workbook, or to request that your Doctor begin using it!